Bursars and Tenure of Office

The expectation of this Department is very high. The Bursary Department of any Tertiary Institution plays the vital role of coordination. It represents a centre point where all activities revolve. Therefore the core mandate of the bursary Department is to be in charge of all financial activities of the University and actually, there is no activity in the University that has no financial implication.

The pioneering Bursar and head of the Department, Mr. J. A. Adaramola, was appointed after the Department came into existence in July 1982. Mr. J. A. Adaramola assumed duty in the University on 27th September, 1982. He retired from the services of the University on 12th July, 1998.

Mr. S. O. Ijatuyi now Mr. S. O. Abiolu, took over the headship of the Department in an acting capacity effective 21st July, 1997 after the pioneering Bursar, Mr. J. A. Adaramola proceeded on terminal leave. He was eventually appointed the second substantive Bursar effective 22nd July, 1999. His tenure ended on 21st July, 2004.

Mr. R.A. Aladetimi was initially appointed in an acting capacity effective from 22nd July, 2004 until his substantive appointment on 4th October, 2005. He was re-appointed for the second term with effect from 4th October, 2010 and his term ended 30th Nov. 2013. The University Governing Council thereafter appointed Mr. P.O. Akindele as the Acting Bursar with effect from 1st Dec. 2013. A substantive Bursar in person of Mr. Oresegun E.A. was appointed with effect from 1st August 2014. He aslo completed his tenure on 31st July 2019. Mr Julius Adefola Adeshoba was appointed the fifth substantive Bursar on 1st August 2019. To date, the University has had five substantive Bursars.