Achievements so far

So far the Bursary Department has lived up to expectation in the performance of its duties and discharge of its responsibilities.

The achievements of the bursary can better be appreciated if viewed under the following:

(i) Restructing of the Department:

The Department has undergone various restructural adjustments in order to enhance its efficiency Currently the department is divided into 3 major divisions for improved efficiency and effectiveness as follows:

- Final Accounts

- Budget and Expenditure Control

- Finance and Treasury

Under each division are units and sub-units for proper control and monitoring and each Division is headed by a Deputy Bursar. These divisions with their units and subunits are shown below:

Final Account

  • Annual Accounts
  • General Ledger
  • Investment
  • Insurance
  • Fixed Assets
  • Salaries and Wages
  • Pension
  • Reconciliation

(a) Budget and Expenditure Control:

  • Budget preparation – Local & NUC
  • Expenditure Control
  • Capital Projects
  • Procurement
  • Stores
  • Schools Departmental Votes
  • Loans & Advances
  • Creditors

(b) Finance and Treasury:

  • Cash Office
  • Constancy/Ventures
  • CCE Programmes
  • Primary School
  • Health Centre
  • Teaching and Research Farm
  • Other Internally Generated Revenue Centres
  • Students Accounts
  • Postgraduate School Accounts.

(ii) Compliance with necessary Internal Control System:

The department has put in place adequate system of internal control. This has culminated in the strict compliance with:

(a) The operating accounting manual

(b) Financial Regulation and other relevant government financial instructions as may be released from time to time.

Also the department ensures that Federal Government financial policies and regulations are strictly complied with and any new federal government releases as they affect tertiary Institution are observed.